Workout On The Road With These 6 Fitness Programs

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Staying active and healthy are essential parts of living a full life. But, sometimes, travel can get in the way of that. If you’re used to counting reps in the gym, transitioning to a life on the road can be a little tricky. There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat on your travels, but occasionally, you just need a classic workout video to satisfy that inner fitness lover. Below are six of the best workout DVD programs that feature bodyweight exercises so you can get your burn on without the heavy equipment or pricey gym membership.

1. Insanity

If you consider yourself a workout-fiend or a psychopathic fitness-junkie, Insanity will be the perfect on the road program for you. The videos, steered by Shaun T, run from 40 minutes to an hour and feature, as the website puts it, “the hardest workout ever put on DVD”. The program is famous for it’s maxed interval training method, which essentially has you working twice as hard, for twice as long. The workouts are not for the faint of heart and will have you wishing you were finished after 5 minutes. But, if you trudge on, you’ll work your way up to lean muscles and stamina that can’t be beaten – all without any fancy equipment.

What it’s for: Muscle and Endurance.

2. Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred

Jillian Michaels has taken fitness to the next level year after year with her killer workout DVDs, and BodyShred is no exception. This program features ten 30-minute workouts that focus on three main areas: strength, cardio, abs. Each workout takes an interval approach to concentrate on getting you fat burning, muscle building results in no time. With high-intensity intervals, resistance exercises, and overall dynamic cardio, this program will be best if you want to beef up your regular fitness routine on the road without being tied to a physical gym.

What it’s for: Fat-Burning

3. Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Inferno

If you’re not big into sweat-heavy workouts but want a way to tone your body and develop a strong core, you’ll want to experience Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno. This DVD features two 30-minutes yoga-based workouts, and isn’t a complete program like the others on this list, but will be ideal if you want a consistent way to improve your form and commit to a disciplined yoga practice. The first workout is body weight only, while the second workout incorporates light hand weights (which can easily be switched out with books, water jugs, or the like) and both feature modified and advanced poses to accommodate yogis on different legs of their spiritual journeys.

What it’s for: Tone and Strength

4. Zumba Tone Up

If you’ve ever taken a Zumba class before, you know just how fun these workouts can be. The Zumba Tone Up program is no exception – it’s a great option for beginner to intermediate level workout fanatics, and can be done without any additional equipment (if you nix the 2 pound Zumba weights). If are just starting on your fitness journey and want a workout that’ll help you improve your cardio and rev up your metabolism without overdoing it, Zumba Tone Up will do just that. Or, if you’re a regular fitness phenom and just want to make sure you stay active on your travels, this program will help you keep your body in shape.

What it’s for: Cardio and Tone

5. Billy Blanks Tae Bo

If you’ve been interested in the fitness space for a while now, you’ll know that Billy Blanks nearly invented the game. His Tae Bo programs combine the best of kickboxing and other lower body movements to get your core whipped into shape. The Tae Bo advanced DVD focuses on working your entire body without any unnecessary equipment, and focuses on building a firm core with an even firmer base. Tae Bo combines action cardio with skilled muscle movements to be an on-the-road workout that will entirely replace boring leg and ab days at the gym.

What it’s for: Abs and Lower Body Strength

6. Core de Force

Insanity is crazy, Bodyshred is intense, but Core de Force is next-level throttle. The series of workouts in this program are based on high-yield mixed martial arts movements and work your entire body from head to toe (though there is plenty of focus on a sculpted, firm core). If you’ve done the mid-tier workouts like Tae Bo and Bodyshred, and if you feel like you’re ready to push yourself into the next fitness level, Core de Force will be a great way to show your body that you can be a travel lover while keeping yourself in a high-performance state.

What it’s for: Core and Weight Loss

And that’s it for now! Do you have any fitness programs that have made your travels more active? Comment down below!

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