I want to make the world a better place.

I know, it sounds naive, cliché, and even impossible.

Still, I’m a girl who believes in the good in things, a girl who believes that everything can be better if we work hard to make it that way.

Hi, I’m Anjali.

I’m the writer/human behind The LITMO Life.

Of course, I believe in making the world a better place, but I also believe in feminism, LGBTQ rights, non-monogamy, veganism, a child-free life, the end of racism, and more importantly, living each day in the moment.

I don’t agree with the bullshit hamster wheel we’ve all been sold our entire lives, and I’ve spent the better part of my young life trying to find happiness outside it.

This search for happiness led me to quit a job I loved at a law firm to travel the world full-time with my backpack and my puppy (more on that here).

It was this initial journey that led me to start The LITMO Life, a blog I designed to write about my travels and what I’d (hopefully) learn along the way.

I wrote about everything I encountered on my journey: staying fit on the roadfinding cheap travel accommodationsmaking friends while traveling, and more.

I even wrote a few books all about quitting your job to travel the world and the ultimate road trip, along with a travel journal for my fellow journal junkies.

Through all this writing, I cherished the travel journey I was on – even through the occasional stresses life would throw my way.

But, in true LITMO fashion, I realized after awhile of consistent traveling that it wasn’t what I wanted in that moment anymore.

So, I decided to listen to my inner voice telling me to slow down and go back to my hometown for a few weeks to be with family.

This LITMO decision was the best one I’ve ever made because it led me to a man that after just 8 weeks of dating would become my best friend, my life partner, and my amazing husband.

Since then, I’ve been loving every moment of my marriage (and I’ve written about it quite a bit on the blog), and have been continuing on LITMO-ing every day.

So, in the end, my “life story” is pretty simple, mostly because I feel like I’m writing it every day, in every moment..

On the blog, I talk about life, love, and everything in between.

Outside of the blog, I run my own virtual law practice (which you can check out here), write about things I am passionate about (you can view my portfolio here) and love spending time with my husband and our two fur babies.

As for my “about me”, for now, that’s all she wrote!

Feel free to check out my latest post or, if you’re feeling extra daring, shoot me an email at: [email protected] and tell me your story!