Vegan Resources

Welcome to my vegan page! Here, I’ll list some of my favorite resources for traveling vegan – and some resources for your own vegan journey. You can also find my blog posts about veganism on my vegan category page, here. As always, if you have any great ideas, feel free to reach out to me at anjali[at]

Food Resources – Happy Cow is the quintessential resource for finding vegan food in new destinations. It is a site that has been around for a long time, and has a neat filter feature where you can tell it if you are looking for vegan food, vegetarian food, veg-friendly restaurants or even health food stores. The site has grown a lot over the past several years, as the vegan community has continued to grow, and it’s my go-to resource when I’m in a new place and looking for awesome vegan food! Happy Cow also has a perfect app, with a cute little cow face(!) in the app store.

Is It Vegan? – Is It Vegan? is the best thing to happen to vegans since steamed kale (get it…not sliced bread…because…oh, never mind). This app allows you to scan the barcode of any food and it tells you, well, whether it’s vegan! Although it has a bit of a different focus than Happy Cow, it’s still perfect for vegan travel – because, let’s face it, while traveling, you will be in destinations where you don’t have your favorite grocery store right down the block and you might come across some new products. Is It Vegan will help you quickly and easily make sure they’re vegan!

VeganXpress –  Sure, we’d all like to be able to visit local restaurants, farmers’ markets and the perfect small business when we’re traveling, but let’s face it: sometimes that doesn’t happen. VeganXpress is for exactly those times! This nifty app tells you what is vegan at popular fast food and chain restaurants for those times when you don’t have any other options. I’ve used it for a while (Hello, Taco Bell) and I think it’s great – especially for new vegans – when visiting old faithfuls.

Roaming Hunger – Not only do I love the name of this app, I also love its purpose! Did someone say “vegan food truck?” This app helps you find vegan food trucks across the country – because sometimes, it’s way more fun to eat in a food truck! Perfect for when you want to experience something new in a fun and exciting way..

Transition Resources

21-Day Vegan Kickstart – This is an amazing app brought to you by the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine that does exactly what it sounds like: it helps you jump start your journey into veganism! The app is filled with resources and recipes and is a must-have for anyone beginning their vegan journey.

PETA’s Vegan Starter Kit – Need some more info on going vegan? Check out PETA’s vegan starter kit, which you can order from their website completely FREE! It has recipes, tips for eating out and lots of resources to help you easily transition to your brand new vegan life.

Animal-Free – Do you know the name of every single animal-derived ingredient that could be lurking in your food or beauty products? If not, no worries! Let Animal-Free help. This app gives you all the information you need to make the best, most compassionate shopping decisions.

Shopping Resources

Cruelty-Free – This is a totally free app that will help you find the best, most compassionate companies. These companies are in several categories: household, personal care and cosmetics. The app will help you pinpoint companies that don’t test on animals – and every bunny loves that!

Bunny Free -Speaking of bunnies… Bunny Free is kind of like “Is It Vegan?” but for beauty products! Bunny Free will tell you if a product uses animal ingredients and/or if it’s tested on animals. I think this is another must-have when you are out for vegan travel, as buying beauty products can be a challenge for vegans anywhere! It’s a great app to have with you in unfamiliar destinations, when shopping for new products!

Travel Resources

Veganagogo – Want to know how to communicate your dietary needs anywhere in the world? Veganagogo will help you do just that! I love this app and I’m super excited it exists – vegan + travel: the perfect combination!

Vegaholic – Did you know some types of alcohol can be non-vegan because of ingredients like fish bladders? I’m serious, but I wish I wasn’t. Vegaholic will help you figure out the best, cruelty-free drinks for you to enjoy!

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