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Welcome to The LITMO Life

I’m Anjali, a former lawyer that decided to quit my job to travel the world full-time. I’m now a freelance writer and photographer, traveling with my puppy, Holly Elizabeth.

So what’s LITMO? When I was in college, I used to text my dad with my several worries. “What if I don’t get into law school?” “What do I even really want to do with my life?” “This person was already making millions by the age of 23!”

My dad, being the wise and patient man he was, answered each and every one of these texts with the following message: “Live in the moment only.” What he was trying to impart to me was that while it was fine to attempt to plan for the future, it was critical to realize that the only moment we actually had was the one we were in.

As I got older, and my worries continued and even grew in size, my dad continued to remain patient and wise. His texts, however, got progressively shorter until he was just texting me back “LITMO.”

Welcome to The LITMO Life.


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