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Welcome to The LITMO Life

I’m Anjali, a former lawyer that decided to quit my job to travel full-time. I truly believe traveling and opening our minds can change our world. In this blog, I share tips, tricks, how-tos and experiences to help you start your own brand new adventure – whether it’s a life of travel (like me) or just stepping outside your comfort zone.

So what’s LITMO? When I was in college, I used to text my dad with my several worries. “What if I don’t get into law school?” “What do I even really want to do with my life?” “This person was already making millions by the age of 23!”

My dad, being the wise and patient man he was, answered each and every one of these texts with the following message: “Live in the moment only.” What he was trying to impart to me was that while it was fine to attempt to plan for the future, it was critical to realize that the only moment we actually had was the one we were in.

As I got older, and my worries continued and even grew in size, my dad continued to remain patient and wise. His texts, however, got progressively shorter until he was just texting me back “LITMO.”

Welcome to The LITMO Life – let’s start living in the moment together.


Fuck You And Your Catcalling Too

Dudes, what is up with catcalling? My least favorite part of traveling alone as a female is that I need to be much more vigilant than males traveling alone do because we live in a shitty world. I try not to let that piss me off on a daily basis, but the truth is, it...

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Travel Tips & How-Tos

How To Survive A Long Road Trip Alone

Over the past two weekends, I've done 18-20 drives over two days, and I have another one coming up this weekend. It's not fun and to be totally honest, I'm getting a bit sick of driving. When you first take off on a long road trip, especially on a journey of full-time...

How To Deal With Sickness While Traveling

A few days ago, I asked some of my friends for ideas they would like to see on The LITMO Life. Sometimes, it's hard to think of things other people might like to read about while you are living a particular life (because it seems so normal to you!). Someone suggested...

Tips On Road Trip Snack Ideas For The Health-Conscious Traveler

Road trip snack ideas can range from easy things you can buy at a gas station to healthy, prepared meals from your favorite grocery store! Alas, it seems the road trip part of my journey is coming to an end soon. My plan was to be in the States for a few months and...

Tips To Find Fun Things To Do For Free While Traveling

Think you can't come up with lots of cool, fun things to do for free while you're traveling? I thought so, too, before I started this trip, but then I realized that the best activities are the free ones. Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out: often, it costs...

Travel Tips: My Favorite Products (So Far!)

In a previous post, I mentioned that I recently discovered a deep and long-lasting love for packing cubes. While I may sound nuts, I’ve also realized that there are several fabulous products I’ve bought while preparing for full-time traveling, and I wanted to share...

How To Stay Fit While You Travel

Following me on Instagram or Facebook for even just a few days can quickly make you realize I post about working out way too much! I’m a long-time runner and recent CrossFitter, and staying fit is a core part of my identity. When I begin my travels, I’ll be training...