Welcome To The LITMO Life

Have you ever wondered why you march to the beat of your own drum – why your individual personality seems so painfully out of sync with the rest of the crowd?

Have you ever felt like you saw beyond the visions of that crowd? Beyond the same old 9-to-5, married with kids, keep running on the hamster wheel story?

Well, you’re not alone.

I’ve felt this way my entire life – like I couldn’t find peace and joy living the life of stability and routine that everyone around me had told me I wanted. I actually chased this very stability and routine all through college, law school, jobs at law firms, and beyond, and realized through my own self-discovery that I wanted something different for myself, something better. In mid-2016, I quit my fancy pants law firm job, sold all my material possessions that wouldn’t fit in my Deuter backpack, packed up my puppy and her favorite toys, and hit the road to travel full-time.

It was one of the greatest adventures I’ve taken in life, and it led me to some truly amazing places. But, life had something else planned for me.

While I thought I wanted to travel long-term, for a few years, I found myself growing tired of the constant upheaval. I decided to take a brief travel sabbatical to stay with my parents in my hometown for a little while, and what I found there, I could never have planned for. I found love. I found a man who had once been a boy I vaguely knew in high school, a man that just 8 weeks after our first date became my husband.

Why does any of this matter?

My story is indicative of the larger picture I try to get across on this blog – you should always, without question or regret, live in the moment. It sounds cliché, I admit, but it’s a simple concept that I feel not many of us follow well. But, living in the moment and listening to my inner voice guiding my direction instead of the voices in the crowd helped me find happiness, love, and true joy.

So, why LITMO?

When I was in college, I’d text my dad all my life’s worries and problems, and being the wise, patient man he was, he answered each and every one of these texts with the following message: “Live in the moment only.” What he was trying to impart to me was that while it was fine to attempt to plan for the future, it was critical to realize that the only moment we actually had was the one we were in. As I got older, and my worries continued and even grew in size, my dad continued to remain patient and wise. His texts, however, got progressively short until he was just texting me back “LITMO.”

Thus, from his simple texts, the concept for The LITMO Life was born.

Here, I write about living in the moment for myself, traveling, what it’s like being married to my best friend, how we can all be better people, and so much more. If you’re ready to chase your own bliss, connect with other humans and learn from their stories, and live the life you want to live, welcome!

Let’s LITMO together.





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