Over the past several years of my being vegan, I’ve noticed that the availability of vegan options has increased tremendously. At airports, specifically, I used to struggle to find anything to eat and would pretty much be screwed if I hadn’t packed my own snacks. Now, though, vegan options at airports are everywhere – and it’s a lot easier to find relatively healthy snacks than it used to be!

Here, a note: I still always pack my own snacks. And if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, I would still recommend you pack your own snacks just to ensure that you will never be starving.

That said, if you do ever find yourself without food and needing a quick bite, here are some of my favorite vegan options at airports domestically (internationally, the landscape can really vary so for now, we’ll just talk about airports in the States!):

1.Hummus & Pretzels

Usually found at the domestic airport staple CIBO Express, the little packets of Sabra hummus and pretzels are basically my travel heaven. Hummus is one of my favorite foods already, bar none, so it’s nice to find it when I’m hungry at an airport. Don’t eat too much: the pretzels have a lot of salt!

2. Nuts

Unfortunately, most nuts you find at airports are heavily salted. I’m a fan of natural nuts, like almonds. Either way, in a pinch, nuts are vegan and will help you stay full because of the protein and fat. Occasionally, too, you can find unsalted nuts at those little airport convenience shops, which are a better bet!

3. ApplesĀ & Bananas

CIBO Express often carries at least a few pieces of fresh fruit with their other offerings, mostly apples and bananas. These aren’t going to help you get full, by any means, but they are a really healthy option in an airport full of garbage!

4. Oatmeal

Starbucks, and sometimes other airport diners and coffee shops, will have prepacked or ready-to-cook oatmeal that you can easily make with some hot water. If you get it at a diner, make sure the oatmeal isn’t cooked with milk, but other than that, this is a great airport option in a pinch.

5. Cliff Bars/Lara Bars

You can’t always find Cliff Bars or Lara Bars at airports, but it’s a pretty big win when you can. There are a couple of Cliff Bar flavors that aren’t vegan, but most of them are. And these will definitely help you get full! They are still packed with sugar, so not perfect, but good for a quick bite while traveling.

It’s really easy to travel vegan – even the actual travel part of it. You just have to do a little planning and know what you’re looking for.

What are some of your favorite vegan travel options?

Vegan Options At Airports: My Favorite Go-To Snacks