One of my favorite things to do while in Texas has been to find the best options for vegan food in San Antonio – and with so many awesome places to check out, it’s been a pleasure!

I wasn’t able to visit every single stop for vegan food in San Antonio (although, I would have loved to!) but I did get to hit up quite a few that were incredibly delicious – and I did some research on some stops for my next trip. Below, check out my list of the best places for vegan food in San Antonio!

1. Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegan Food in San AntonioGreen Vegetarian Cuisine was the first vegan place I visited on my second day in San Antonio – and I was not even close to disappointed. They have a huge menu selection with everything from spinach and mushroom enchiladas to chicken fried “chik-n.” I had Cece’s stir fry (pictured to the left), which is described as “an epic mix of popcorn tofu, broccoli, bell pepper, celery and carrots – served with chia seed brown rice and kale salad.” It was incredible! Not only that, they also had an amazing selection of desserts (which you can check out on my YouTube vid, below) with a super cool server that was extra nice to Miss Holly!

2. Señor Veggie

Señor Veggie is a Tex-Mex vegetarian restaurant in downtown San Antonio. Once again, Holly Elizabeth and I had a great experience with a super sweet server – which we love! She was nice enough to bring Holly a bowl of water, without even me asking, and was super attentive to her, as well as me, the entire time. The menu had a ton of delicious options on it, but I ended up going with the buffalo tofu wrap with watermelon gazpacho, pictured above, and a vegan key lime cupcake for dessert!

3. Earth Burger

Vegan Food in San AntonioEarth Burger is a little hippie drive-thru type place that had one of the coolest menus I’d ever seen. They had a Spicy Chik-n Sandwich, a Fishless Sandwich (which I ended up having, to the left, and which was awesome!), and even a Chopped BBQ Sandwich, which looked absolutely incredible! It was in a very cute retro-looking building, and the food was reasonably priced!

4. Viva Vegeria

Viva Vegeria was a place I was sad I didn’t get to visit – because I had my eye on it all week! The place has the coolest hippie vibe, and has creative twists to some of my favorite things like sweet potato and sun-dried tomato enchiladas and fried avocado tacos! I would have loved to visit, but just didn’t have the time – so if any of you go, let me know what you think!

5. Lick Honest Ice Cream

Vegan Food In San AntonioCan’t have vegan dinner without dessert, right? 🙂 Right before getting ready to leave San Antonio, Holy and I visited Lick Honest Ice Cream, which started in Austin. The place isn’t entirely vegan – they serve normal dairy ice cream, but have a few great vegan treats on the menu like vegan vanilla berry and vegan chocolate peanut butter coconut (what I got, pictured with Holly, to the left). The ice cream was perfect – and I’d definitely recommend it!

Let me know of any favorite vegan places you’ve found in San Antonio or the surrounding towns – I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. For more on my vegan food tour of San Antonio, check out my YouTube vid, below and please subscribe to my channel for my travel videos!