In a previous post, I mentioned that I recently discovered a deep and long-lasting love for packing cubes. While I may sound nuts, I’ve also realized that there are several fabulous products I’ve bought while preparing for full-time traveling, and I wanted to share some of my (so far!) favorites with you.

1. Packing cubes

Clearly, I had to start with the new love of my life. Packing cubes are basically tiny nuggets of awesomeness. Ok, but seriously, they are just fabric cubes with zippers of different sizes that allow you to keep things within your bag organized. They can be used for clothes, or shoes, or miscellaneous items. For any kind of travel – not just long-term! – these are a must-have.

2. Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are small, super-absorbent, quick-dry towels that many long-term and full-time travelers love. I bought a set with a larger bath towel and a smaller travel towel a few months ago, before I even decided to travel, to take to running events. In packing for my full-time travels, I decided to keep both – the small towel for me and the bigger one for Holly. If you are trying to avoid the weight of a normal towel (and avoid using someone else’s possibly germy towel where you are staying) go with a microfiber towel for your next trip.

3. Exfoliating washcloth

For a long while now, I’ve used Alba Botanica’s Acnedote exfoliating cleanser. I’ve loved it because it works really well, it doesn’t have any animal ingredients, and it isn’t tested on animals. That said, I needed something a little more travel friendly for my exfoliating needs – so I went with an exfoliating towel, and I love it! They are definitely a bit rough at first, but they soften up and then feel great on your skin!

4. Kindle

This one might be a bit of a “duh,” but I am really, really happy my Kindle is going on the road with me. I bought Kindle’s latest, the 7 inch Kindle Fire, and I’m obsessed with it. I can watch movies on it, or play games, or read, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg like some of the other tablets (actually, Amazon bought back my old Kindle so this one cost me a total of $28!). I was considering not taking it, but realized I would want to carry around a bunch of books with me if I didn’t! 😛

5. Mesh beauty bags

The mesh bags I bought, Uxcell Mesh Design bags, are meant for beauty products, but I have been using them for everything – I have one bag for make up, one for small chargers, one for hair accessories, and one for my thyroid medication, so far. They are great because they come in several different colors, so I color-coded what I’m keeping in the bags, and they help everything stay neat, without loose pieces flying around, in my backpack.

So far, these are the things I don’t think I could live without, on the road. I’m sure this list will continue to grow and get updated as I travel, so if you have any suggestions for great travel products, let me know in the comments!