My latest project is here and I couldn’t be more excited!

Travel Book: A Journal Of Exploration has been in development for a little while now. I am a traveler, yes, but a writer/journaler/doodler first and foremost – and I know many travelers that love to jot down their thoughts as much as I do!

One day, I realized that I would love to have a journal for myself where I could record my own thoughts, but also be prompted into writing more and discovering more about myself. I also wanted a fun place to check in about my travels (and a really cute, travel-related binding wouldn’t help).

Since I couldn’t find exactly what I needed, I decided to create¬†Travel Book!

I, luckily, was able to find the most talented graphic designer in the world to help me design a cover that was just perfect – and a beautiful interior that had everything I need!

Travel Book is a guided journal that’s meant to hold your thoughts and help you write your story.

In it, you’ll find:

  • Guided journal prompts related to life and travel every week
  • A weekly set-up page where you can check in about your travels
  • Inspirational quotes from fellow travelers
  • Over 100 blank pages of journaling space

Travel Journal is the journal I wanted, as a full-time traveler and lover of words. I hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Check it now on Amazon, here.

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