The life of a full-time traveler often involves chasing budget accommodations – except, of course, when the cool accommodations are too good to miss. I recently came across an article discussing the World’s”Best” Hotels and it made me wonder – what’s a good definition of the “best” hotel? Well, for me, it’s a hotel that’s interesting, unusual, and can’t be replicated anywhere.

So, instead of telling my readers about the World’s “Best” – whatever that term means – I thought I’d do some research and create a roundup of the World’s Weirdest Hotels! And boy, did I have fun with that research!

Here they are in no particular order (well, maybe with the exception of number 1…), because they are all weird and awesome!:

1. The Library Hotel (New York, New York)


This hotel combines two of my favorite things – books and Manhattan! The Library Hotel, located in midtown Manhattan, was designed by Stephen B. Jacobs and is distinct from other book-themed hotels around the world: each of the ten floors has a theme based on the Dewey Decimal System (i.e., Floor 5 is 500s, Sciences, Floor 3 is 300s, Social Sciences) and each of the rooms on the floor has a different subcategory (Room 500.004 is Botany, Room 500.001 is Mathematics). It’s even cooler because the decimals correspond to room types – .006 is a Junior Suite with a king bed, .005 is a Deluxe room with a king bed. And of course, each of the rooms is stocked with books. I’m obsessed! Visit their website or Facebook. Photo: Library Hotel (Facebook)


2. The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania)


The Manta Resort has an Underwater Room which could not be cooler. It has three levels – a roof (which you can dive off of), a middle room, and a below-sea level bedroom. Want to get up close and personal with marine life? The Underwater Room at The Manta is a great bet. Visit their website or FacebookPhoto: Anhede/Manta Resort (Facebook)


3. Marmara Antalya (Antalya, Turkey)


The Marmara Antalya is unique for several reasons: the entire hotel not only floats in a tank of water, but it has a 24-room loft that rotates 360 degrees several times a day – giving guests several different views of the Mediterranean. It’s also completely beautiful! Visit their website or Facebook. Photo: Tom Ballard (Flickr)


4. Ice Hotel (Jukkarsjärvi, Sweden)


Sweden’s Ice Hotel is constructed entirely of ice – and what’s incredible is that it melts and is reconstructed every single year with a brand new design. The beds are also made of ice! I would love to visit this place but not sure I would love to sleep there. Visit their website or FacebookPhoto: Asaf Kliger, Ice Hotel (Facebook)


5. The Mirrorcube at Treehotel (Harads, Sweden)


So this is a room, not a hotel – but the hotel is also pretty amazing. Treehotel in Harads, Sweden consists of five different “treerooms,” all made by various architects. The Mirrorcube is one of these rooms. It measures 4x4x4 meters and is, as the name implies, covered by mirrors to conceal it from its landscape. The designers had difficulty prevent birds from flying into the room, but ultimately covered the walls with infrared film visible only to birds (not humans). The rest of the Treehotel is amazing, too! There’s a “Bird’s Nest,” a “UFO,” a “Blue Cone,” a “7th Room,” and a “Cabin.” Visit Treehotel on their website or Facebook. Photo: Treehotel (Facebook)


6. Hotel CasAnus (Antwerp, Belgium)


Why yes, this is a giant hotel in the shape of an intestine. The hotel was created by Joep Van Lieshout, who was inspired by the human body. It spans the length of a human intestine, supposedly from the tongue to the anus. I have no more words on this. Read more at Atlas ObscuraPhoto: Thomas Willemsen (Flickr)


7. Hotel Palacio del Sal (Uyuni, Bolivia)


Want to visit a hotel made entirely of salt? Then the Palacio del Sal in Uyuni, Bolivia is for you. Floors, ceilings – even the beds and chairs are made from salt! And no – you can’t lick the walls. Visit their website or Facebook. Photo: Palacio del Sal (Facebook)


8. Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, Idaho)


Clearly, I’m about this. The Dog Bark Park Inn is located in Cottonwood, Idaho, and I wish I would have known about it while I was on that side of the country! The rooms don’t have television or telephones, which I think is fantastic. The owners, Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, created the Dog Bark Park Inn because of their – what else? – love of animals. And in case this is a surprise – they’re pet-friendly. Miss Holly Elizabeth and I will be on our way there soon! Check out more information on their website or Facebook. Photo: Dog Bark Park Inn (Facebook)


9. Hotell Hackspett (Woodpecker) (Västerås, Sweden)


Created by artist Mikael Genberg, Sweden’s Hotell Hackspett (meaning Woodpecker) lives 13 meters above the ground in a tree. And if you think since it’s so high it must be bolted all over the place, think again: the hotel is suspended from wires! It slightly terrifies me but at the same time, I want to visit so bad! Check out more information about Hotell Hackspett herePhoto: Västerås stad (Flickr)


10. The Boot At Jester House (Tasman, New Zealand)


This is a hotel…in the shape of a boot. And I couldn’t be more in love with it. The hotel (as seen here and in the featured image) is actually a Bed & Breakfast, and was created in 2001 by a couple, Steve & Judy. Everything in the hotel is custom and completely adorable! Visit their (equally perfect!) website here or their FacebookPhoto: The Boot At Jester House (Facebook)

I, for one, want to visit all of these. Who’s in for a round-the-world hotel trip? 🙂

Featured Photo: The Boot At Jester House (Facebook)

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