It starts with a brief moment of exposure to an idea you’ve never heard of.

“That seems really bizarre,” you think.

“I could never do that.”

Then you go about your life, having almost forgotten about the new idea you were just presented with…but not quite.

Some time later – it could be days, or weeks, or months, or even years – you find yourself exposed to that idea again.

“Interesting,” you think. “There is more than one person in the world that subscribes to this idea. It’s still bizarre. It’s still not for me. But now I know more than one other human believes in it.”

Then you almost forget again. But this time, you almost forget a little less.

Some time later – again, days or weeks or months – you find yourself exposed to the exact same idea. Maybe in a new circumstance or with a new person or at a new event. But there it is: the idea that you thought was so bizarre and untenable the first time you were exposed to it no longer seems that way.

“I wonder if I could do that. Or be that. Or experience that. It still doesn’t really seem like it’s for me, but who knows.”

Then, instead of being exposed to the idea accidentally again, you find yourself searching for ways to be exposed to it on purpose. You start thinking about it intentionally. You start doing some research. You start seeking out other people who accept this new idea.

“Still, though. It feels too bizarre for me.”

And then you let it lie still in your mind, not quite forgotten but not quite present.

Then, one day, out of nowhere, you’re having a totally unrelated experience and the idea flashes in your mind.

“Maybe it’s not that bizarre,” you think.

But then, you’ve surprised yourself.

“Where did that come from? It’s definitely way too bizarre for me.”

You not-quite-forget about it again until curiosity takes a hold of you.

Now, you start to look into again, independently. But this time, your need to consume information about this idea is much more voracious than it was before. You start reading everything you can find on the topic. You start mentioning it in conversations with people. You start trying it on in your own head.

“Well…what if it’s actually just the right fit for me…”

The idea begins to consume you until you can’t think of anything else. You need to know if something you might be able to try or if it’s a half-cocked, not-too-real fantasy that you’ve been dreaming about.

And then, you realize: there’s no way to know without actually going and trying the idea.

So, you start thinking about it less in abstract terms and more in terms of how it would be a good thing for you and your life. You start wondering if you could make it work. You start imagining people’s responses to you.

Finally, one day, you just don’t care.

So you decide to try it. You know there’s a possible downside. You know there might be a lot of risk. But it doesn’t matter, because trying this new idea has consumed you so much that you can’t possibly go on living life without trying it.

And then, here you are.

At the beginning of your next adventure.

The Inception of Adventure