Welcome to my resources page! As I go through this journey and find out helpful little tips and tricks, websites and apps, I’ll be posting them here with some information about how you can use them to start your own journey!

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Skyscanner – Skyscanner is one of my favorite websites because of its “everywhere” search feature. You can hop on the Skyscanner site, put in your city and then search “everywhere” for locations, and the website will tell you the cheapest places for you to fly, right now! It’s also just a great overall search engine for airfare.

Kayak – Kayak is a great search engine for airfare that I find is used less often than the big boys like Hotwire and Expedia. I’m not sure why it’s used less, though, because it’s one of my favorite ways to find really cheap airfare at the last minute!

Airfarewatchdog – Airfarewatchdog helps you keep track of when the flights you want fall in price, which is great when you are planning a trip a ways out and want to know when to buy your tickets.


AirBNB – AirBNB is one of my favorite resources for traveling cheaply, staying with a local, and usually, having a great time! AirBNB allows you to stay on people's personal property, whether it's in their home, or their treehouse, or camping on their land. Other AirBNB users can rate and review hosts, giving you a good idea of what to expect when you arrive. – I've used Booking to find really great, cheap deals on last-minute places to stay in the States. It's nice to have a one-stop shop to look for special accommodations (places that allow dogs, for example!), so I'm a pretty big fan of (also, their commercials can not be beat!).

Couchsurfing - Want to meet a local and sleep on their couch for free? Couchsurfing is the perfect app for that! You can connect with fellow travelers or just fellow life adventurers that have signed up for the site because they want to meet you and host you. I love Couchsurfing, both for the accommodations and for the people you can meet through it.

TrustedHousesitters - If you've ever felt like staying in someone else's beautiful home, for free, while you explore a new city, Trusted Housesitters is for you. This website connects housesitters with people that need housesitting services, so you can often score fabulous accommodations while just doing a bit of work on your trip.


Upwork – Upwork is the product of a merger between two former freelancing sites – Elance and oDesk. What this means is that Upwork is now the number one freelancing site in the world. And – spoiler alert – it’s amazing! I tried freelancing many years ago, on Elance, and absolutely hated it. Upwork’s platform is much better, the clientele is much better, the interface is much better and overall – the website is an incredible way to make a living, on your own terms.

FlexJobs – FlexJobs is a great place to find – well – exactly what it sounds like: flexible jobs! This site has jobs in a variety of categories, so it will be easy to find everything and anything you might be looking for. They do have a monthly membership fee, but it’s worth it if you are looking for a long-term flexible job. – Are you interested in teaching abroad? Let help. This website has search engine functionality to show you a list of several teach abroad programs in whichever country you’d like to choose. It also has ratings and reviews, so you can get idea of the legitimacy of the program and what the experience will be like.


National – In the States, I like National a lot because it tends to be easier to get a car in one city and drop it off in another than with other car rental companies that prefer round trip travels. They also tend to be on the cheaper side, which is always great!

Uber – Uber has, of course, changed the way people drive and travel! I’m a huge fan of Uber, instead of putting miles on my car, when I’m in a new city where I’m not sure where I’m going. It can also be a great way to get some advice on what to see (just ask the driver :-))!


Amazon – Who doesn’t know and love Amazon these days? Although I’m not a huge fan of stockpiling material possessions, in general, it’s true that Amazon will help you easily and conveniently get whatever you need for your travels – and they ship so quickly that it’s hard to compete!

Backcountry – Backcountry has everything you could want for wandering around in the outdoors. Backpacks, tents, climbing gear, outdoor sporting gear, and so much more! They are also organized really well – by brand or activity, and they even have sections for sales and gift items.


World Nomads World Nomads travel insurance is THE only name in travel insurance. They have amazing plans, they are relatively inexpensive, and they’ll have you covered for everything you need. I use them whenever I go abroad.

Momondo – Momondo is one of my favorite sites because of the sheer depth across which it searches. Want one site that goes through several airlines and travel sites? is the travel site for you!

Secret Traveller Blog – Learn about some of the best kept travel spots and secret locales with the Secret Traveller’s Blog from 1Cover. With many interesting and useful articles like “10 ways you’re offending people overseas” this blog puts a unique spin on travel writing and is a must-read for tourists and travellers alike.


Find My Friends – Find My Friends is an awesome, native iPhone app that is built for doing exactly what it sounds like: finding your friends! I, personally, have linked up with about five of my closest friends and my sister and my parents, so that they can follow me, quite literally, on this journey and see where I am whenever they open up the app.

OfferUp – Located at, with an iPhone app as well, this amazing little company was an invaluable resource to me so far as I prepared for my travels. The basics of OfferUp are as follows: you create a profile (super simple and took me about one minute), you snap a photo, post some details and then wait for buyers to blow up your phone! And boy, do they!

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