So, it turns out, creating a packing list for full-time travel is actually a pretty involved process. There’s lots of review and editing done along the way, and it can make your head spin! Luckily, I’m finally done and I wanted to share with you guys my completed packing list for full-time travel!

Instead of doing it in list form, I thought it would be easier (and cooler!) to show you guys what I was bringing, with images, in a widget, below. Although I already owned things like my clothes, running shoes, puppy things, etc., a lot of my specialty travel products I bought specifically for my journey. Each of the items in my list has a little blurb, giving you some information about how I plan to use it. Keep in mind the list doesn’t  necessarily have each one of my exact products, but it’s pretty darn close! For my actual list, check out the image above and my YouTube video. For even more on my absolute favorite products, check out this post.

Overall, I packed ten full pairs of clothes that I can wear anywhere – but that includes six sets specifically for running that I can also lounge around in, and four non-running sets. My running shirts are all very comfortable, will keep me dry, and look good enough to throw on top of jeans. I also brought ten pairs of socks and ten pairs of undies so I wasn’t having to do laundry all that often! My training plan also calls for 6 days a week of running, so I’m hoping setting myself up for that will cut down on the laundry, as well.

My extra contacts and glasses are not on this list, mainly because those are personal to me and if you’re lucky, you don’t wear glasses or contacts! 🙂 If you do, though, know that I’m bringing two pairs of glasses in case I break one, the contacts I’m wearing, and then two extra pairs of contacts for when I need to toss the old ones. Also not on this list is my thyroid medication – I have hypothyroidism and take one pill a day. Finally, I didn’t include beauty items like my makeup and eyebrow scissors, etc., because it’s likely that stuff will get ditched very soon (and also is relatively specific to my needs!).

Check out my packing list for full-time travel below, and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for me! 🙂