About a year ago, my social media feeds were filled with singledom and travel and puppy and vegan food and political rants.

Now, my social media feeds are filled with husband and travel and puppy (and kitty!) and vegan food and political rants.

The only difference, as you can see, is the presence of husband. But it’s been enough for people to make shitty comments to me about my social media.

“People don’t want to see photos of you kissing your husband like that.”

“Posting about relationships gets old.”

“Don’t you ever do anything alone anymore?”


There aren’t enough things to judge people on in the world, so now we’re judging based on what people post on social media?

The general idea about sharing relationship stuff to social media seems to be that only those who are insecure about their relationships share them on social media.


Or maybe that’s just half the story.

Maybe there are certain people who only post about the stuff they are unhappy about. The fitness freak who secretly obsesses over her thighs is always posting #FitFam photos on Insta. The single girl who desperately wants a relationship is always posting about her social life filled with friends. The mom who is always worried about whether she’s parenting okay overruns Facebook with her kids.

It’s possible that’s true.

But isn’t it also possible that the insecurity is in the eye of the beholder?

Maybe the fitness freak is uncomfortable with her thighs but does feel absolutely GREAT about her fitness in general. Maybe the single girl would love a relationship but is really, really happy with her friendships. And maybe the mom knows she’s got some things to learn but absolutely loves her kids and wraps her whole world around them.

And maybe the newlywed that is constantly posting photos with her husband (me) is actually, truly, madly, deeply, enjoying her brand new marriage and all of the adventures she gets to go on with her perfect, wonderful husband.

The idea that we judge, in general, irks me (which regular readers of The LITMO Life will know). That said, it’s like the things we want to judge people on grow on a daily basis. Does it really impact your life that much if my feed is filled with pictures of my husband and our travels? Did you know there was a such thing as an “Unfollow” button – or, even better, an “Unfriend” button?

What the fuck is up with people just not being able to live and let others live?

For all those that are of the “people only post about their relationships when they are insecure” school of thought, have you ever considered that people post about what makes them happy?

The food blogger’s Insta is covered with gourmet truffles and artisan coffee. The motivational speaker covers his social media in quotes from great minds. And the sports fan posts non-stop about their favorite team. All of these are fine, but when people post about relationships, suddenly it’s open to way more interpretation.

Here’s a novel thought: maybe people post about their relationships because they want to celebrate love. We see enough crime and trauma and murder in the real world. Do we really want another newsfeed filled with crap stories about our crap world or can we swallow the idea that maybe, just maybe, we should celebrate other people’s love and hapiness along with them? Do we really need another reason to form clubs and exclude others, as humans? Do we really need another reason to be shitty to other people?

Well, enough is enough. I’m pretty over the shitty comments about my social media, but also about everyone else’s.

I post about my husband because he’s my favorite thing in the entire universe. I post about our adventures and our family of fur babies because they make me who I am. And I also post about my marriage because it’s a good thing, for fuck’s sake, to love and be loved by another human.

So I am going to continue to celebrate my love – and in fact, my LIFE – as much as I want. And you should too! Because forget the shitty people who are just looking for a reason to make more shitty comments.

Maybe they’re the ones that are insecure.