It’s not incredibly easy to get gifts for travelers – especially when the traveler in your life is on the road a lot and not necessarily into material possessions.

I’m one of those travelers – I’m not big into material possessions or consumerism and I don’t own a lot. And that makes me happy.

That said, there are several things I don’t think I could do without, especially as a full-time traveler! Several of the big travel mags have “gifts for travelers” lists prepped for the holidays, but a lot of those lists involve really unrealistic gift ideas, like $100 suitcases or $75 designer organizational packs. You don’t need to spend nearly that much to get some great, useful gifts for the traveler in your life.

So, without further ado, below are some of my favorite products that I think would make lovely gifts for travelers you know! (You also won’t find any crap on this list like “this one miracle travel product!” – nope, just pure, useful gear!!)


1. Bodum’s Travel French Press Mug

bodumOkay, I’ve spoken about this product before, and that’s basically because I’m obsessed with it. You don’t have to be a coffee junkie, like I am, to appreciate this mug (but it helps!) – you can also make loose tea in it. It’s perfect because it’s not only just a beautiful travel mug, it’s also a place for you to make your coffee or tea on the road.

Even for those that don’t travel, and just want a good french press option at work, instead of crappy drip coffee – this mug is BOSS!

Get it here.


2. A Plane Comfort Kit

For frequent travelers, being comfortable on the plane isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Luckily, though, you don’t need much: a good neck pillow is essential, and I’m a big fan of an eyemask and ear plugs as well. You can find several plane comfort kits that give you all of these for one low price – and the traveler in your life will appreciate having it all in one place!

Get one of my favorites here.


3. Sleepy Ride’s Portable Footrest

81bwjfccrml-_sx425_Keeping with the theme of comfort on airplanes, I recently discovered a travel footrest for when you’re in the air – and I love it.

The Sleepy Ride is lightweight, easy to hook up and makes a HUGE difference for those moments when your knees (if you’re old, like me) are killing you on a long flight. If the traveler in your life doesn’t know about it, they’ll love it! Get it here.



4. A Travel Stub Diary

41daygtb-l-_sx324_bo1204203200_I’ll admit, I’m not a huge keeper of mementos. That said, I know a lot of people are.

There’s a cool product called a “travel stub diary” that’s basically an easy place to store tickets and papers and things you’d like to remember. It has clear sleeves to hold everything you could want and a lot of them have blank pages for notes. For the memory-keeper in your life, this is a great choice.

Get it here.


5. Amir’s Cell Phone Camera Clip-On Lens

71mdqe0rayl-_sl1200_I didn’t even know these existed before I started my journey of full-time travel, but I’m glad I found out about them.

Although most frequent travelers have an expensive camera they really like, these lenses are cheap and easy to clip onto your phone. And they can help make your Instagram photos pop!

Get it here.


6. Doberman Security’s Hanging Alarm

71bnkgpanql-_sl1347_When traveling abroad alone, it’s critical to have some kind of personal security system. The Doberman Security alarm hangs on a doorknob, with a clip that gets placed inside the doorjamb. It emits a really loud noise that will piss anyone off (and hopefully, scare anyone away!).

Like all the other products on this list, it’s cheap and worth it for the safety-and-security-minded traveler in your life. Get it here.



7. Tripshell Travel Adapter

41a6l25bvvlAnother cheap must-have for the globetrotting traveler in your life: Tripshell’s all-in-one travel adapter. I’ve gotten a few travel adapters over time, and it is much nicer to have one that morphs into use for several different countries.

Tripshell’s is small, easy-to–use and quality.

Get it here.



8. Collar Perfect Travel Iron

51ff3g8lwrl-_sl1000_Once again – I clearly wasn’t up-to-date on the wonderful world of travel before I started doing it full-time, because I had no idea it was possible to keep your clothes ironed on the road.

Enter: Collar Perfect’s travel iron. Yes, this is as incredibly cute and perfect as it sounds. It’s very tiny and portable and it works great for getting those last-minute wrinkles out.

Get it here.


9. Kinga’s Pocket Blanket

71j2blrb4l-_sl1500_I’ll admit: I’m a sucker for cute, miniature items and that’s one of my favorite things about travel products.

Not just for campers, Kinga’s pocket blanket is great for anyone who thinks they might need some extra warmth when they aren’t sure where they will be traveling. A lot of times, it’s nice to have the option to travel with something that you can use as a blanket!

Get it here.


10. Wallet Ninja


Not many cool, useful travel tools are approved by the TSA – this one is!

The Wallet Ninja has a bunch of cool features, including an easy-to-use cell phone stand for plane trays and table tops. It also has bottle and can openers, a letter opener and a ruler.

Get it here.


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