I’ve finally got my first stop (and probably, my second) mapped out, and I could not be more excited!

One of my favorite resources to discover while figuring out how to travel the world full-time in a financially sustainable way has been WWOOF. For those of you scratching your head and going, “what? the sound a dog makes is going to help you travel?” rest assured, that’s exactly what I said when I first heard about WWOOF-ing. But nope! WWOOF stands for “World-Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming,” and trust me, it’s as cool as it sounds!

WWOOF is basically a help exchange that allows would-be travelers and volunteers to connect with hosts on organic farms that need help. The farmers offer lodging and food in exchange for a few hours a day of help (I think the average is around 4). When I first heard about this, I was thrilled! It excited me not just because I’ve thus far been a closet hippie with a dream of living on a farm one day, but also because I think the concept is amazing! Help, in exchange for lodging and food, and a brand new connection in the world on both sides. One of the coolest things is that previous WWOOFers can review the farm and the owners and give you their thoughts on whether it will be good (and safe) to stay there.

I wasn’t just interested in going to stay on a random farm, I really wanted to find some hosts that I would connect with, that I could help in several different ways, that would welcome me and Holly with open arms, and that would have a fuck-ton of cool stories to tell!

And, I believe I found it. Without giving away the privacy of the farm owners, here are some details: a wildlife rescue and animal sanctuary in cajun country Louisiana, run by an older couple in their 70’s that loves to talk politics and drink beer on their porch. Besides that, they are awesome vegan cooks (more on me being vegan to come soon, I promise!) and are thrilled for me to bring Holly along! I. Can’t. Wait.

After my first stop in Louisiana (where I plan to be for about a week), I’ll be visiting a family in Texas that I met through another great resource HelpX.net. More on that (and I plan to add both of these website to the resources page!) later…

As always, to life, and now, to WWOOFing!