As if we already shouldn’t be feeling shameful about our choice to elect a fascist to the highest office in the United States, now we should be feeling shameful because other countries are treating our choice to elect said fascist with more sobriety than we are.

While the States are full of Trump-supporting idiots who claim not to be racist but voted for this orange goblin “on policy” and are chiding those worried about a future under President-fucking-Trump as being hysterical, Turkey has issued a warning to its citizens regarding travel to the States. The foreign ministry, in a statement, said: “Within the context of risks caused by the incidents and of social tension, our citizens who live in the U.S., or who are considering travelling there, should be cautious.”

Previously, the Bahamas issued a warning for its citizens visiting the States, citing the increasingly violent interactions between police and black men.

So other countries are noticing – and calling out – that the States are going to hell in a handbasket. Apparently, Turkey’s foreign ministry doesn’t think it’s hysterical to be worried about what a future under President-fucking-Trump looks like – even if the violence comes from the clashing factions.

But don’t worry – most Trump supporters voted on policy, not because they’re outrightly supporting a racist, misogynist pig.