Hi there, I’m Anjali. Thanks for visiting my blog. I describe myself as a girl who believes in feminism, LGBTQ rights, non-monogamy, veganism, a child-free life, & the end of racism, writing about it all. All of my writing, though, is about love.

I went to undergrad and law school at NYU, practiced law for a little while, wrote for a little while, went back to practicing law for a little while, traveled full-time for a little while, and am now switching things up for (at least) a little while. I got married after 8 weeks of dating –   after quitting my job to travel almost a year prior – and now, I want to share stories!

Along with travel, I write a lot about love and social justice – issues like feminism, animal rights, sexual culture, racism, veganism and more. I also write a lot about fitness – I got my AFAA-certification for personal training, just because I love fitness and want it to always be a part of my life.

I really believe we should all be working to change the world, and make the world a better place, every single day. My journey is part of that – learning how to positively impact the world with every step I take. I hold some non-traditional views that I’ll talk about in this blog, but mainly, I believe love truly is the answer.

In this blog, I hope to share all of my experiences about love and travel with you, including the logistics and day-to-day. Please join me!

PS – If you’re interested in more of my writing, you can visit my portfolio site at www.anjalisareen.com.


I love Atlanta! I’ve been a few times, just for visits, and I find it to be a very cool city with a mix of small-town lovely people and big city things to do!


Visited Berlin when i was a kid with my family, definitely need to go back!




LOTS of nightlife and fun for a young traveler! I was only here for a night, but went out for some drinks and met some cool people!


I’m OBSESSED with Charleston. I went with an ex-boyfriend, who had family there, and the city is a great mix of big-city things to do, but with a small-town, Southern, charming feel.


Probably one of my favorite countries to visit so far! I spent most of my time in Cartagena, and even slept in a hammock on the beach for a night. LOVE this country.



Delhi - a place for family!



Hong Kong

Manhattan, my love.

My favorite city in the world and the one that will always be my home. 🙂







South Bend


Fort Myers - my hometown!

Where I grew up. 🙂


Short, quick stop on our way to New Orleans! We drove around and checked out some of the downtown buildings! 🙂

New Orleans

Spent some time in New Orleans cruising around the French Quarter – I have to say, I’m not a huge fan :-/ To me, it seemed like a lot of drinking and partying, which aren’t my jam, and I was catcalled by men the whole time I was there!


This was the location of my first attempt at WWOOF-ing. It didn’t work out, great, as the couple had a pitbull who had attacked other dogs before (so we left early).


Spent a night here on our way to San Antonio! It was a fun little place – everyone was really polite and sweet!

San Antonio

We stayed at a HelpX here, with a very lovely and amazing family! I also loved the city!! Such a thriving place with so much to do.